The Wonders of The Strand Book Store and its patrons

Three Strand-Hounds

By Calvin Trillin

Excerpt - "When Smith first became a Strand-hound—in the middle sixties, while he was working on a book that had shown itself to be practically invulnerable to his attacks—he used to walk over to the Strand three or four times a week. The Strand, which occupies a constantly increasing portion of a building at Twelfth and Broadway, claims to have the largest inventory of secondhand books in the country, but what attracted Smith was its supply of review copies—new books the Strand buys from people who have received them free on the ground that they might review them or mention them in print or bestow upon them what publishers sometimes call “good word-of-mouth.” "


Why Leaf-Peeping Season Is Disappointing This Year

"Are the autumn leaves drifting by your window? Probably not.

All along the East Coast, from Maine to Virginia, it’s been a balmy fall, without the overnight crispiness that helps produce the panorama of golds and reds that’s typically sketched on many trees this time of year. Some spots, New York’s Central Park among them, are pretty much still seas of summer-like green. Or brown."


Everything I Know about Business and Marketing, I Learned from THE TOXIC AVENGER

Shared an office at Troma with the author, Jeff Sass, while he plied his trade. Gave a clinic in marketing every time he answered the phone. Joy to watch. From a blub he recently emailed me:

Back in the days when film was actually film, and a "mobile" phone was the one in the kitchen with the 25-foot cord, I was making low-budget action/horror films for the legendary independent studio, Troma. And the lessons I learned making "B" movies have stayed with me all the way to the "C-suite."

This is not your typical business and marketing book. It is fun and funny as I do my best to extract practical, actionable lessons from my wild and crazy experiences making wild and crazy movies. 

The book is available now at in Paperback and Kindle versions, and some chapters are available for free at the book's website and on Facebook. I hope you'll consider reading it, and if you do and enjoy it, please leave a review on Amazon. It will help a great deal and I'll be forever grateful!